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Western Reflections Author Submission Guidelines 07/25/2019 Version 4


Mission Statement: Western Reflections is a publisher of fine books that reflect the history and culture of the Western United States and Southwestern Colorado, with special emphasis on the San Juan Mountains area.  Works are chosen because of their historical significance or cultural expression and will always demonstrate a high standard of quality and innovation in their subject matter. It is attention to the integrity of the work itself, as well as the dedication of the person presenting that work, that distinctly separates us from the publishers of mass market books.  We are committed to publishing works of outstanding quality, honoring commitments to the authors of our published works, developing long term relationships with our authors and readers and preserving western history and culture. It is our hope that the works we publish will represent our love and respect for the land that nurtures the very spirit of humanity: life lived with strength and grace.


1. Western Reflection publishes nonfiction books related to the geographic area outlined in our Mission Statement. Queries relating to areas outside of our geographic scope or fiction will not be considered. Exceptions to this may include historical fiction that is geographically appropriate and expanded biographies.


2. Authors should first submit a query letter or query email directed to Editor, Western Reflections Publishing that outlines the nature of the book and gives a general idea of its length in words. Please include author’s contact information with this query.


3. If we are interested in more information or pursuing the idea further, we will request a phone call with the author. Please let us take the lead on this communication.


4. If we then desire to read the full manuscript, a copy should be sent electronically to us in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx format). Please submit in 12 point type for readability. If photos are to be included, a few sample photos in .jpg format would be helpful as well. Please do not submit your manuscript in layout form or with photos embedded with the text.


5. If WR decides to do the book, a contract to publish will be sent to the author. Contract details will be worked out at that point.


6. When the contract is signed, the author should send a hard copy of the manuscript to us in 12 point type, double spaced. We will edit this hardcopy and leave it to the author to make suggested corrections.


7. Western Reflections also produces self-published books, with limited marketing included in the package. Authors should contact the Editor if they are interested in this option.


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